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Nimesulide Manufacturers


SNJ Labs Pvt. Ltd. is one of the topmost Nimesulide manufacturers and exporters of the country. It is a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) which is used pretty extensively Although, doctor’s advice and prescription is always mandatory to use medicines. Nimesulide is medicine that is primarily used for pain relief. It is even used for the prevention of fever. However, the major use of the medicine is to offer relief from aches and acute pains due to many reasons. The medicine is used from getting relief from backaches, osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps etc. Basically, Nimesulide turns out to be very effective in the treatment of many inflammatory and painful conditions. Nimesulide might also be considered to be used for curing primary dysmenorrhea in some cases.

More About Nimesulide

Nimesulide is a well-recognized medicine for providing pian relief and treating fever. It is an inhibitor of cyclooxygenase. Thus, it is considered as a very good medicine for reducing and completely eliminating pains and many symptoms. It is known to provide relief when flexible tissue at the ends of the bones wears down and that condition causes pain. The medicine basically reduces the intensity of pain signals that are being sent to the brain. Thus, the patients feel relieved from the pain for some time. It also prevents the release of prostaglandins which is responsible for causing pain and fever in many cases.

Nimesulide targets all the components that might lead to swelling, including histamine, free radicals, prostaglandin, proteolytic enzymes etc. SNJ Labs, one of the well-known Nimesulide exporters of the country makes good quality Nimesulide that offers relief easily. Just like any other medicine, Nimesulide has its own set of side-affects too. Therefore, it is strictly advised to take recommendation from the registered medical practitioners before taking any medicine including this.

Listed below are a few of the top reasons to buy Nimesulide from SNJ Labs, a prime Nimesulide exporters and manufacturers in the country:

Effectiveness of the Medicine

One of the prime reasons that make us one of the most recognized Nimesulide manufacturers is that we make medicines that are highly effective. Our motive is to help the community in any possible way. By making good quality medicines we are able to help the people get relief from their pains and ailments as quickly as possible. We sincerely care for the customers and therefore, our team takes several necessary steps to ensure that the medicine provides most benefits to the patients. We keep reviewing the effectiveness of the medicines and make improvements in the manufacturing process etc. if needed.

Reasonably Priced Medicines

As our main aim is to help the community, therefore, we have set very decent prices for our products, including Nimesulide. Our team members have thoroughly researched the market and the price trends in the industry before deciding the prices of Nimesulide and other medicines that we manufacture. Also, we offer special plans as per the client’s requirements as well as budget. Contact us to know more.

We have the required certifications and we fulfill the requirements of manufacturing medicines.

We hold all the necessary certifications that are needed to manufacture products in the pharmaceuticals industry. That is not it, we have also onboarded a team that specializes in the manufacturing of the medicines. Also, we keep upskilling the team to make sure that they are well-versed with the new trends of the pharmaceutical industry. Our team at SNJ Labs, one of the top Nimesulide manufacturers, keeps a close eye on the new requirements and certifications and makes sure that we get them in order to make high-quality Nimesulide and other medicines.

Reach out to our team to know more about Nimesulide or any other medicine that we make.