Plot No. 5 To 16, Survey No. 137, Village, Padavala (Rajkot) - 360024

Environment & Safety


Management team has understand their social responsibility about clean and green environment and doing best practice to maintain it.

  • A effluent treatment plant with RO-MEE handle the complete liquid effluent with “ZERO DISCHARGE”
  • Company having all legalization and commitments by the govt.
  • Continuously invention and innovation in plant and design, manufacturing process to improve health, safety and environmental performance.


Safety regulation guidelines manage the plant operations and each process transfer to plant for regular production before the detailed risk analysis and safety study.

  • Fully integrated fire hydrant systems with fire fire fighting equipments, emergency evacuation procedure from plant are in place.
  • Scheduled training for knowledge updating.
  • Fire extinguishers, hose pipe and hose real at various place to control the fire immediately.